I remember when I first started marketing online.

Boy was I completely overwhelmed!

I would try to find “detailed” training on how to do something, and sure enough I would find just enough info that would still leave me confused.

I would find bits and pieces of a “how to do xxxx” and have to put it together like a puzzle. Ohhh the trials and tribulations I could tell you about.

I’m sure you have your own so there is no sense in adding more salt to the wound.

It’s very frustrating because a lot of information assumes that you have some previous knowledge of something that you hadn’t ever heard about until that very moment.

So now you’re on the lookout for another piece of info that you need before you can move forward with the current piece of info you have…sighhh.

It’s the never ending chain-link of information syndrome LOL!

Well I honestly can’t help with that, but what I can do is try to make sure that what you learn from me isn’t a repeat performance.

After all, I have first hand experience of what that feels like so I’m in no hurry to inflict that kind of pain on anyone else 🙂

Throughout my site, you will find lots of tips, tricks and various training. I will do my best to cover everything you will need to know from start to finish.

It’s a work in progress so if you find something that makes you scratch your head, then by all means, please let me know so I can look into it. If you’re having the problem then others may as well.

I’m easy to contact…don’t be afraid. Hit me up!

Too-da-loo till next time 🙂