The Makings Of Your Money Tree

Yes, the money tree. That’s what a lot of us are after right? Well, here’s the thing, it does exist but only after you plant the seed, water and nurture it.

Depending on how well you do that is how well your money tree will sprout it’s leaves. Now, you may be saying, yea Sonja, what a “Captain Obvious” moment here! But for a lot of people, they need to see it, read it, and marinate on it before they will truly get the true meaning behind these words.

If you are getting this then some of you may be thinking that if you can grow one money tree, then why can’t you grow another one? Well you can and you should! But you need to concentrate on this ONE money tree first.

I’ve made this analogy with the money tree because it’s a lot easier to digest and understand. Many wonder why there efforts to succeed with making money online fail.

The bottom line is that they’ve planted so many different trees and they lack the experience needed to properly grow them. How can I so confidently say that? Ha!! Well because I used to do it too!

I was the Jill of all trades and master of none

I knew a little something about everything when it came down to making money online. And yes, I made a few dollars but not enough to take care of my needs for an extended period of time.

You see the true facts are, you need to be really good at something. No, let me rephrase that. You need to be phenomenal at one thing that is a highly sought after product or service. It’s a bonus if you really enjoy it 🙂

You can only get to being phenomenal at that “one thing” by focusing your attention on it. I know it’s difficult to do in this online world, but those who are basking in the lap of luxury because they figured out the secret (which really isn’t a secret as it all makes complete common sense) will agree that FOCUS is one of the keys to success.

So I challenge you to focus, if just for one week, on mastering one thing that you think will get you closer to your goals. After you master that, then move on to the next thing, and keep rinsing and repeating it. At the end of the month you will be surprised as to how much knowledge and skillset you have acquired.

Then you will be equipped and ready to plant your first money tree that will bare fruit.

Too-da-loo till next time 🙂